Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn 1

Hello & Welcome!

I decided to start this as a record of history.  I was here.  I lived on this mountain for a time.
Who was before me and who is next?


Went for the weekend, my youngest boy and I.  Came home after a very short stop - enough to prepare me for the next time.
Routine needed, around exercise and mealtimes.
And light.

Bringing in the festivals of light
and how to use the inside and outside spaces for all.

A party/gathering place.
A place of great beauty and strength.

The boy loves it and
through him
I will be able to teach the others why.

What is hard?
Right now, not much water.  No electricity.  Dry camp.
Cold in sleeping area.
No indoor sitting area.
Old fridge.
No proper food storage.

Next time:
blanket check.

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