Monday, April 27, 2015

April 2015

so here we sit, perhaps stewing that each is an idiot and all... however I feel like it is destiny of some sort to give that land the love and respect it deserves for holding family members within its beauty for so long.

the family does not seem to get along or communicate well however, as I am older and see patterns, they never did and I am used to it rather unfortunately,

I would like to take stewardship of the cabins, own that land outright if possible and we would then be able to put sweat equity into it, so it has been said.

I see it done and living in it and for a while I also saw the enpty land holding a cabin of my own. beautiful.
I still have the dream and I can still dream and so I shall.

so, on this spring day here by the ocean I dream of what I would be doing up in the mountains.
and what would I be doing up in the mountains after the sweat had been put in and the spaces and places were lovely and comforting again?

The garage goes with the cabins because a house can have its own.

the space and places for each thing I go up there for - exploring the earth, in all seasons, and a place and space to cool down, warm up, get clean, cook, read, research, think, relax, work, create, dream, live, entertain.


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